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Canton CDL Testing Company                             Ohio License #010
2230 Shepler Church Avenue S.W.                     Phone: 330.456.4571
Canton  OH  44706                                                Fax:  330.456.2648


 How to Schedule and Pay for Your CDL Test


The Fee:
The test fee is $85, payable only by cash or Visa/Mastercard.

By Phone:
Call Canton CDL at 330.456.4571 with your Visa/Mastercard handy to get your appointment.

In Person:
Stop in and get your appointment. Pay by cash or Visa/Mastercard.

By Fax or Mail:
Mail or fax this form with your Visa/Mastercard credit card information. When we receive your form we'll call you to schedule your appointment.

Equipment Rental:
If you are renting our equipment you can pay the rental fee at the time of your test.

Appointment Fee:
Please note that the test fee is an appointment fee. If any of the following happens, you will forfeit your test fee and you will have to pay another fee for whatever test portions were not taken or were not passed:

You do not cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled test;
Your vehicle does not qualify for the type of license you are seeking;
You decline or are unable to take all three portions of the test;
Your vehicle will not pass the Pre-Trip Inspection;
You do not have a valid temporary permit;
You do not have a valid driver's license;
You have incomplete paperwork;
You are late or fail to appear.

You must present a valid Class "D" Ohio Operators License and either the new plastic Temporary Permit or the paper validated CDL Temporary Permit to take your test.

The test must be taken in a vehicle that is representative of the class of license that is displayed in the "Class New" portion on the front of the Temporary Permit.

Vehicle Rental Fees:

For the following vehicles the rental fee is $150.

     Class A Vehicle - Automatic Ford Day Cab Tractor Trailer with Airbrakes. 
Class A Vehicle - Automatic Ford Dump Truck with Airbrakes & Pintle Trailer. 
     Class B Vehicle - Automatic Ford Dump Truck with Airbrakes. 
     Class B Vehicle & Passenger Endorsement - Automatic Ford Bus with Airbrakes. 
     Class B School Bus - Automatic Bluebird School Bus with Airbrakes.

For a 48' Van Trailer with Airbrakes or a Pintle Trailer with Electric Brakes the fee is $50.


CDL Test Appointment & Vehicle Rental Form:

Print Name ________________________________________ Ohio Driver's License No. ___________________ 

Address __________________________________ City _______________ State ________ Zip _____________

Phone _________________________________________ (number to reach you between 7:30 am & 4:00 pm)

Visa/Mastercard Number ___________________________________________ Expiration Date _____ __/____
(Circle One)   

Please answer the following questions:

1, Have you passed your CDL written test for your temporary?     YES  NO

2. Which class of license are you applying for?     A   or   B   

3. Would you like to rent a vehicle from Canton CDL?     YES   NO

4. If YES, please circle below.

Class A Tractor/Trailer          Class A Dump/Pintle          Class B Dump   

Class B Bus          Class B School Bus          Van trailer          Pintle Trailer



Applicant Signature ____________________________   Date _________________

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