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Safe-T-Step Truck Ladder

Easy to Store
Eliminate Injuries

The Safe-T-Step is an innovative way to safely climb on to the bed of your semi trailer.

Watch the Bupropion online uk to see how easy it is to use.

The Safe-T-Steptruck ladder was developed as a direct result of the inventor's experience in the trucking business, where he witnessed way too many incidents of flatbed steel haulers falling or slipping off their trailers while trying to get on or off the bed of the trailer.

Injuries such as sprained ankles, broken limbs, and injured backs were all too common. Nearly all such falls resulted in the driver taking time off from work in order to recover. Some were never able to return to work because of the extent of their injuries.

The Safe-T-Step truck ladder is a device proven to drastically reduce the number of slip and fall injuries. It is lightweight, safe, easy to use, and practical. It fits anywhere there is a rub-rail and can be stored in the tractor storage box, the headache rack, the trailer storage box, or can be strapped onto the trailer just as you would extra blocking.

Simply drop the Safe-T-Step onto the rub-rail and within seconds you will be three short, safe steps from safety on the deck of your trailer, where you can tie down your load, arrange your tarps, or tear down your side-kit!

So why run the risk of slipping or falling? Why take the chance of getting injured? Why ruin your career? Make every step a Safe-T-Step!

Order now by calling 330.809.0791 and pay the introductory price of only $149.95 plus tax, shipping, and handling. Shipping and handling isfrom $60.00 to $80.00.

Works on vans too! The Safe-T-Step is now available in a version that will fit all van trailers. With the addition of our simple accessory kit the Safe-T-Step will work on your van too. If you switch trailer types you can even use it without taking off the van accessory kit.

The van accessory kit is shown below.
It consists of asupport plate (left) which
is bolted to the ladder's rub-railassembly,
and a bottom support (right) which fits on
the bottom of the ladder to make solid
contact with the ground.

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Of course, if you pull the same van all the time, the easiest and least expensive way to us the
Safe-T-Step van ladder is to bolt a single pocket onto the back of your van.

We want to keep YOU in the driver's seat!

CDL Safety Resources LLC
PO Box 646
Massillon OH


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